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Youth Art Center

Stacy Koulouris.

Our ‘Youth Art Center’ which runs throughout the year brings youth and young adults together in their efforts to experience their musical and theatrical talents.

Regular workshops and seminars which underline our holistic approach and offer a more indepth learning of breathing techniques, meditative techniques and physical exercises that help actors in their concentration and focusing.

Summer Music Camps which take place in the summer holidays and offer a summer activity to youth and young adults in combination with an art program.

The Exchange Program connects children and young adults of different cultures and different countries. We are working together with public institutions and schools in Greece and abroad to make this happen.

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Our Mission:

Children are the answer to making the changes in the future. They are our most valuable assets for making and keeping our world one worth living in. AMBERLINK wants to be part in this!

Supporting and Educating Children in Cultural and Social Values and Talents in Order to Help them Achieve their Goals in Life as Adult and Valuable Members of Society and Responsible Contributors to the World of the Future.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at AMBERLINK is to let the children and youth explore their capabilities and talents by working with their own creative strength. In this sense they will lay a cornerstone for a successful and conscious adulthood.

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  • Cultural and social development through artistic cooperation
  • Development of lasting cross-cultural relations and friendships
  • Teamwork and cooperation in creative employment outside school hours with people of the same likes and interest
  • Develop responsibility and respect for a job taken, for the team members, for the “various small things that make a whole”
  • Supporting the common effort and collaboration with their talent and for cultivating their own personal metre of discipline – Enrich and cultivate the intellectual / academic world through creative arts
  • Explore limits, talents and interests that can later develop into a profession, a hobby or simply an affection

All this results in:

  • Learning to have respect for them selves and others
  • Learning to have a sense of honoring their word
  • Learning discipline (patience, volunteering, persistence, goal achieving)

At the same time they will be having fun, developing a sense of civism and bonding for life in a miraculous way.

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