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About Us

International Chamber Music Group

The International Chamber Music AMBERLINK ENSEMBLE was formed by Greek-American Piano Duo Stephie & Stacy Koulouris in 2012 and consists of 7 performing artists:

Stephie Koulouris – Piano & Co-Director

Stacy Koulouris – Piano & Co-Director

Nikos Chalkias – Flute

Nathalie Korniluk-Sdralis – Violin

Antonella Orefice – Soprano (Guest)

Monica Minarelli – Mezzo (Guest)

Dimosthenis Stavrianos – Baritone

The Musical selections of the Ensemble include pieces of the Classical and Contemporary Repertoire as well as excerpts from the Movie/Theater/Musical Theater Genres transcribed and arranged for the group (transcriptions and arrangements by Stephie Koulouris and Nikos Chalkias).

The individual members of the AMBERLINK ENSEMBLE perform regularly in Greece and abroad.

Amberlink Ensemble, Chamber Music Group
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